The designing stage has completed!

The production of your order can now start. We are very well prepared for this stage: we set solid foundations, excluded all the spotted defects, minimized the risk of failures and optimized – so far, on paper – the entire production process.

Now, the time has come to switch from theory to practice. In this tab, we will cover the production process of your element in detail.


In the assembly and packaging department, the counterparts of your product are picked. Typically, the product is comprised of:

  • moulded pieces, straight out of the production,
  • components bought at external companies (e.g. springs, pads, screws, seals, magnets etc.),
  • interacting elements you presented us at the beginning of our cooperation: provided by you in the needed quantity or bought by us at the supplier of your choice.

All the above elements get assembled. As you can imagine, it is a tedious and monotonous work that requires precision and patience. Thankfully, at the disposal of our assembly department there are several modern devices built by our colleagues from the toolroom and dedicated to our needs. These are, for example, assembly and technological lines, welders, pneumatic presses, manipulators, label printers and other. Thanks to them, we can improve the comfort of work, optimise the assembly costs and receive top-quality finished products, considered one of the best in their assortment class in the world.

At the end of the assembly process the finished product is obtained, which is exactly what you ordered. It can either be a semi-finished product that you will use to realise your further goals, or a finished product that can land directly on the shelves in your store.

Before that, the order should be packed. There several packaging options. We usually use polypropylene, polyethylene or polystyrene bags, which are then closed with strings or tapes, or sealed. The bags are packed into labelled carton packaging. Your goods are packed according to your instructions and suggestions. At this stage, all is up to you: you can order any configuration of the assembly and packaging.

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