Stage I: designing

Stage I: designing

At Gieros, the designing stage always precedes the production. Even if you already have a finished design, we will analyse it to check whether it can be optimized for production. We believe that preliminary designing assumptions determine the entire subsequent technological process, its effectiveness and profitability, as well as the durability of the injection mould and the final quality of moulded pieces. At this stage, we run economic and technological analysis of your order, we choose the material and the method of production of the injection mould, build prototypes and prepare the documentation. It ensures that the actual production will run smoothly.


In our economic and technological analysis, we try to find out how we can modify your element to reduce its cost without prejudice to its functionality; not to mention ensuring that its production is feasible. For this purpose, we need a particular production tool.

The choice of production technology depends mainly on the ordered good, and especially on its physical features.

For example, for elements with simple construction we use different technologies than for complex ones. If the aesthetics does not matter in a given case, we deliver the material to the moulding cavities leaving the injection point visible; whereas, if you want it to be invisible, because the product has to be visually flawless, we do it differently. Depending on the element parameters (e.g. wall thickness, reinforcements, flanges, undercuts, convergences or surface finish requirements), the element can be released – pushed out from the production tool – in several different ways etc.

These arrangements, and other important ones, impact the effectiveness and the final result of the production of your plastic elements.

Thanks to the fact that Gieros executes each order from scratch to the very end with the use of knowledge and experience of many different specialists from our team, we can, already at the planning stage, foresee the production process, resolve many issues, before they appear, and make wise choices – among them, the choice of the injection mould production technology.