Get to know us

Get to know us

Dear Customer, I am very glad to see you on my company’s website. This is where you can hear the voices of my employees. Who else but them could better explain what can we offer you? This tab, however, is reserved for me.

Please, continue to read to find out: which unique benefits we offer; which values have been and still are at the bottom of the Gieros brand; how it all started, and what stays behind the wide range of services we provide.

Get to know us better!
Marcin Gieros


You may wonder what a plastics processing company may know about the ecology. You will be surprised!

First of all, I would like to clarify that plastics are not bad per se. It is the careless use of them which affects the environment. Look around. Can you imagine a modern world without plastics? Because I can’t. The point is to use them wisely.

If you are curious about the environmental policy of Gieros, read the below principles we comply with:

Principle #1

We do not mass-produce packaging.

It contaminates the environment. We are aware that living without packaging is impossible (and we use it in Gieros), but in my opinion there is too much of it in the world and it can easily be replaced with multi-use natural packaging. We do not contribute to the overproduction of packaging and will never be.

Principle #2

We use reusable materials.

In our warehouses, we only use high quality cardboard reusable packaging. They are re-used already in our facilities. Also, we allow our clients to easily return the pallets used for the delivery of the ordered goods. This way, they do not need to worry about their disposal or storage. For us, it means we can reuse them.

Principle #3

We use plastics only where they are needed and necessary.

There are many applications where plastics cannot be replaced. It would be illogical, non-ergonomic or in some cases impossible. We design our elements to be durable to postpone their disposal as much as possible. We want them to be easily recycled after the end of their life cycle.

Principle #4

We promote recycling.

At Gieros, we plan before taking action. We account for the recycling already at the designing stage. It is already too late, when the products reach the landfill, and the environmental damage can be prevented by wise and thorough planning.

Principle #5

We put people safety first.

We do not use materials which are toxic or dangerous to the people involved in their processing, i.e. us and our employees, nor to their end users, i.e. you and your clients. People constitute a part of the ecosystem. We care about the ecology through caring about them. We consider it to be the most important point on our path towards sustainability.

I understand that having even the most eco-friendly plant in the world will not fight the global environmental damage, however I believe that actions taken by each individual and each company can bring good change to the planet. If they spark inspiration to others, my mission will be satisfied.