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Get to know us

Get to know us

Dear Customer, I am very glad to see you on my company’s website. This is where you can hear the voices of my employees. Who else but them could better explain what can we offer you? This tab, however, is reserved for me.

Please, continue to read to find out: which unique benefits we offer; which values have been and still are at the bottom of the Gieros brand; how it all started, and what stays behind the wide range of services we provide.

Get to know us better!
Marcin Gieros


Over 40 years passed since the company was founded in 1981. The world changed and so did the business. However, there are some values, passed on to me by my father, which are inviolable despite any trends. We are still committed to the good, old business ethics.

If I were to define it shortly, I would say the business ethics lies in being truthful: to the clients, employees, suppliers or partners.

Our agreements are sacred.

The timely fulfilment of orders is sacred.

The timely payroll is sacred, and the compliance with the terms of our contracts is sacred.

Sometimes, of course, it happens that something does not go as planned. In such cases, we open an honest dialogue.

I am sure that this approach contributed to our strong market position. Another pillar of our company is the team made up of real people who operate all the so-modern machines, technologies and equipment. In my opinion, the success of the Gieros company lies in their reliability, high qualifications, experience, knowledge and diligence. Besides, there are only facilities which help us reach our top capabilities and make our boldest visions come true.

Business means people. People mean relations. The life quality depends on them. The profit is an added value only. Although it drives the business, it does not constitute a value per se. At Gieros, we never forget about it.