Get to know us

Get to know us

Dear Customer, I am very glad to see you on my company’s website. This is where you can hear the voices of my employees. Who else but them could better explain what can we offer you? This tab, however, is reserved for me.

Please, continue to read to find out: which unique benefits we offer; which values have been and still are at the bottom of the Gieros brand; how it all started, and what stays behind the wide range of services we provide.

Get to know us better!
Marcin Gieros

About us

Who are we?

If I were to define the areas of expertise of Gieros in simple words, I would say we are a modern production company founded upon two pillars: the design office and toolroom being the first, and the injection moulding room the second. In the design office and toolroom, we build injection moulds for our own needs, provide the services of metal processing with CNC machines, and design plastic injection moulds and elements. In the injection moulding room, we manufacture plastic elements with injection method. Besides, we offer assembly services for both finished and semi-finished products at our custom production lines, and provide warehouse management.

This definition of the Gieros brand is, however, incomplete. We are not just a toolroom, injection moulding room, design office or a plastics processing plant.

We take you to a new technological level!

Our work is not about designing and producing a part that works. Anyone can do that. We want to make your product visible among your competitors’ product offer. To make it better, more attractive, more functional or cheaper.

We do not focus on the product only, but also on its surroundings and end users. We keep in mind that, after its service life, the product has to be recycled.

We aim to stand two steps higher than our competitors. From here, we have a wider view. We can better understand your needs and find a solution to cater them faster and smarter in terms of ergonomics and economy.

What makes us stand out?

Being comprehensive, for a reason

The most unique value of our offer is comprehensiveness which is not an empty promise nor a marketing slogan found on 90% of websites. At our company, you can verify it quickly already while considering the cooperation with us.

We take off your mind what happens on the way, and there happens a lot: we visualise your idea, create design documentation and a prototype, choose the best possible technology, build the tool, produce the element, assemble and transport it. We do all of that for you. We will need your input, i.e. your expectations, only at the beginning of our cooperation, and until the reception of the completed order, we are responsible for the entire process.

Versatility is our standard

Our company is comprised of a design office, a toolroom equipped with 6 CNC machines, an injection moulding room with 19 injection machines, an assembly department with automated assembly lines, and warehouses. All these departments are operated by several dozen employees. They are heavily supported by IT systems which are customised and regularly adapted to the changing needs of the company. At every stage of your order, our employees cooperate with each other, so that the technological process is as cost-effective as possible; both for you, and for us.

Today, this holistic approach has become an industry standard, but our company was among its pioneers in Poland. This is why we are ranked high on the market and trusted by the clients. Many of them has been working with us for over a decade, and the record tenure is over two decades!

Speed driven by self-reliance

A dialogue between the departments stays at the core of the company’s operations. Thanks to the effective communication, we can foresee potential issues and mitigate the possibility of their occurrence as early as at the mould designing stage. It allows us to optimise the order fulfilment time.

Another strength of ours is the speed. It stems from the procedures implemented at the company for several years, as well as from custom technologies and patents. We perform the majority of the operations in-house which means we do not outsource them and save time otherwise spent on their pricing and fulfilment. We can achieve it thanks to the extensive machine park which we constantly expand. It guarantees our self-reliance and strategic market position, and enables us to expand our offer for our clients.

Preferential prices and adherence to high standards

Our strong independence from subcontractors means that our profit stays at the company. We allocate it for pay rises for our employees to motivate them to be more engaged and effective (meaning faster order fulfilment); for investments in growth (translating into higher quality of our services); and, most importantly, we use it to lower the prices for our clients. Thanks to this, we are known as one the most competitive companies in Poland in terms of tool production costs. Does it cause a drop in quality? Absolutely not.

Our elite employees

For the operation of such a versatile, self-reliant and automated plant we needed highly-qualified employees. And we acquired them. They know their duties perfectly. Undoubtedly, the key to our quality lies in human factor. We take the pride in the fact that it does not rely on the “smartest in the team” but is a sum of the competences and qualifications of all the team members. Each employee contributes to the company’s success with their knowledge, skills and experience.

Knowing this and given that the success of your ventures depends on a well-designed and professionally produced element, you can entrust us with your order. You can rest assured it will be well taken care of. From an idea to the finished product.

Who can be a beneficiary of our offer? 


…you want to promote and sell your proprietary products through a company or a start-up you are about to open…

…you want to expand your commercial offer with new products made of plastics…

…you are looking for a reliable partner in mass production of your items…

…you are only considering entering the market and want to verify your idea and operate at a small scale before going big…

…you prefer to focus on your business and need to outsource the whole production process: from designing to the delivery of finished products and components to your door……you prefer to focus on your business and need to outsource the whole production process: from designing to the delivery of finished products and components to your door…

…you need technological upgrades for your company and production lines…

…for some reason, you are not satisfied with your current producer of injection moulds and plastic products, and therefore you want to move your production to somewhere else…

…your situation does not fall into any of the above, but you are interested in our company and services for another reason…

…you need a team of professionals with strong experience in plastics and CNC processing for any of the above objectives…

…our company is the best choice for you!

We work with companies of any size.
Your company can be:

  • a one-man business,
  • a start-up,
  • a small or medium-sized business,
  • a big corporation.

Among our partners, there are representative of all the above. They operate in several industries and sectors which use plastics, injection moulds and other tool services.

Due to the special features of our technological resources, we specialise in medium and large series production by injection moulding. From time to time, however, we enjoy taking on special tasks, for example a production of a very challenging element in limited quantity.

Hesitating over the cooperation with our company is a waste of time. Instead, contact us. Tell us about your idea and expectations, and show us your design, if you have one. Based on this, we will prepare the most suitable solutions cost- and technology-wise.

We will prepare a cooperation proposal faster than the majority of our competitors.

The above example proves that time is money. There is no point in wasting it due to a long waiting time or delays caused by troublesome cooperation with several different service providers. The Gieros company with its comprehensive offer is your go-to partner.