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Start here

Before sharing with you our detailed services offer and order fulfilment stages, please take a look at the cooperation scenarios. There are five options for you to choose from.

We take a flexible approach to them, which means that each order is individually analysed for the choice of the best scenario.

For us, it goes without saying that there are no two identical ideas for a product.

Looking for a partner?

Do you have an idea for a new product and want to open a start-up or a micro-enterprise to promote and market it? Do you want to check out whether your idea will work out in real life? We will gladly hear more about it! We will offer you attractive terms of cooperation allowing for the launch of your business, while supporting you with our technological and production infrastructure.

Within this scenario, our entire team will be at your disposal. You can entrust us with the preparation of sketches, design documentation and prototype, as well as the production and assembly, while you can focus on developing a new brand. We understand that you need time to build your market position, so we are flexible in terms of adapting the financing to your project.

What do we need to start?

  • information about your start-up idea, e.g. in the form of a business plan;
  • visualisation of your product in any form;
  • information about the application and features of the final product.

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